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Our approach is simple: clarify what our clients need and then customize a solution that delivers the required outcomes. Each engagement is dictated by the situation:

  • Interim and Part-time Resources:  Joining the team and bringing the leadership and experience necessary to transform high-level strategies into effective nuts & bolts business execution
  • Contracted Services:  Project-based engagements adding bandwidth required to get specific initiatives launched, completed on time and on budget, and delivering enterprise-wide value
  • Executive Coaching:  Developing executives who are as effective at building the business as they are building the product
  • Collaboration:  Battle-tested advisors providing senior leaders with a safe outlet where they can think out loud, brainstorm, validate concerns, gain perspective, and confidently set a course into the future

What others are saying:

Ed did a fantastic job of helping us create definition and accountability for our key leadership team. His methods brought clearer focus on priorities and helped us increase leadership productivity by spending more time on the important. This effort also helped us set aside projects that weren’t contributing to the larger goals. Ed’s experience in executive leadership is what sets him apart. He doesn’t bring theory, he brings real-world solutions based on past practices. Our company needed someone to bring an outsiders perspective and Ed’s skills were exactly what we needed to help us improve both quality and profitability. — Doug Ostrom, Stafford Health Services

Ed was all over it in his “get it done” way. The impressive part is that even though he was not in a position of authority, he effectively pushed the team forward, making sure that we met our deadline. What accentuated his performance were his people skills. While Ed’s style and demeanor are quite different from that of our employees, I watched how he quickly gained their respect and commitment.— Jerry Bush, University Mechanical Contractors

Ed came on board and quickly grasped the complexities and intricacies of our situation. The real value add is that he can take the theoretical and get it into concrete and actionable terms. He has a strong bent on the COO side of business and how to operationalize and implement strategy. — René Ancinas, Port Blakely Companies

Early on, we identified the need to mature the core processes within our client and realized we needed senior level experience. Ed has strong analytical skills in operations and finance that allowed us to execute on key initiatives. Those initiatives resulted in supporting a year over year growth rate of 40% and a successful acquisition of a key competitor. — Ron Worman, The Sage Company

Ed is a great leader and strategist. I was witness to and beneficiary of his ability to build, inspire and empower teams that worked collaboratively to execute strategy and drive results. Integrity and trust is evident in everything he does. Ed is great at what he does and I highly recommend him. — Dan Stone, Stone Resources Group

Ed, with no knowledge of the technology or the market niche we were trying to develop, very quickly grasped complicated issues and translated them to an easy-to-understand business model format. Complexity to concise and persuasive simplicity! — Jeff Nichols, High Altitude Mapping Missions

Talking with Ed helped me organize my thoughts and ideas. His intelligent, insightful “mind-opening sessions” revealed a bit of his Socratic approach. Ed’s level of honesty and his level of engagement set him apart from other consultants. Ed is helpful, resourceful and reliable. He was meticulous about learning our business while ensuring that I met my business objectives. — René Ancinas, Port Blakely Companies

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